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DSM is committed to sustainability.

DSM believes that in the near future it will be necessary and inevitable that every manufacturer in the coatings industry adopt sustainable practices. To this end, DSM is phasing out the use of all chemistries they have categorized as “Chemicals of High Concern” from finished products in their Coating Resins and Functional Materials (CRFM) business segments.

This is a significant commitment given the fact that DSM is one of the world’s largest developers of specialty emulsions and solvent-based urethanes. From the company’s headquarters in the United States, DSM provides resins for textile coating markets around the globe.

Steps related to phasing out Chemicals of High Concern in DSM’s product portfolios include divesting non-aqueous business units, replacing Chemicals of High Concern with safer chemistries and developing new, sustainable coatings, including water-based solutions and biobased technologies. 

The concept, “Safe By Design” is now a leading product development principle at DSM, and this involves selecting safer ingredients and refusing to use any Chemicals of High Concern in new products.

This commitment to sustainability is a core component of DSM’s coating resins growth strategy, which is to be the preferred partner for companies seeking high performance, sustainable coating solutions. 

Although sustainability is a growing challenge for companies throughout the textile industry, the scientists at DSM see the world’s growing focus on developing sustainable products as an opportunity to create a brighter future for the world and all of the industries it serves.

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