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Innovative Chemistries

Bolger & O’Hearn has been developing uniquely efficient, high-quality chemicals for the textiles, nonwovens and paper industries for 50 years. From proven products that remain popular today to innovative new chemistries that give our customers a distinct market advantage, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted development partner. We invite you to learn more about us and how we can customize a solution for your needs.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s complex world, being competitive means staying ahead of change while focused on setting the next industry standard. That’s where we come in.

Textiles & Related Markets

From running shoes to spacesuits, textiles touch our lives in thousands of amazing ways. Find out how we can help you make amazing textile products.

Featured Products

OmniBloq™ and Altopel F3® durable water repellents are the latest products from Bolger & O’Hearn that combine premium performance with sustainable manufacturing practices.


Sustainability is a driving force for product development in the industries we serve and a specialty at Bolger & O’Hearn. Learn more.


Bolger and O’Hearn is now the exclusive product development partner and distributor for DSM’s textile coating resin products in the United States.

OmniBloq™: Keeping Flylow Gear Dry As A Bone – Textile World


Bolger & O’Hearn manufactures, develops, and distributes a wide variety of specialty chemicals
for the textiles, nonwovens and paper industries. We are dedicated to providing our customers
and partners with solutions exactly tailored to their needs. This highly personalized service
approach has been the pillar of our success.


Keep up with us at Bolger & O’Hearn. We’re constantly developing new solutions for our clients
and the industries we serve. You can find us in the news, at many industries shows and catch up
on our latest developments through our video portal. Learn more here.


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