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What types of business relationships are possible between Bolger & O’Hearn and customers?

The simplest relationship is a traditional vendor-buyer arrangement. Bolger & O’Hearn offers a wide range of textile chemicals to meet the needs of textile mills in volumes from gallon pails to 1-ton totes and tank cars.

Bolger & O’Hearn can readily modify existing products to meet many customer’s requirements.

We can develop new products for customer evaluation and offer for sale after specifications are met.

Depending on the opportunity, Bolger & O’Hearn and prospective customers can co-develop products and technologies with different levels of cost-sharing and intellectual property allocation.

Bolger & O’Hearn can custom manufacture a variety of products according to customer specifications on a toll basis.

Can Bolger & O’Hearn invent or develop a new textile chemical product that meets a specific set of requirements?

Yes. We frequently develop new chemical products for customers and can turn most requests over quickly.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn offer environmentally friendly textile chemical products?

Yes. Many of our products use the most environmentally compliant materials and technology available. Most of our products are water-based and we strive to continually improve their health, safety and environmental profiles.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn have expertise beyond textile chemical manufacturing?

Yes. We can assist in process development, product branding and marketing.

What does the F3 in Altopel F3 stand for?

Altopel F3 is a high-performance durable water repellent. The F3 stands for Fluorine-Free Finish.

Can Bolger & O’Hearn manufacture chemical products according to a customer’s specification?

Yes. We have the expertise and facilities for manufacturing a variety of chemical-based products based on the specifications provided by the customer. These can be based on the customer’s IP, Bolger & O’Hearn’s IP or public domain technology.

What types of textile testing does Bolger & O’Hearn offer customers?

Our R&D laboratory performs confidential benchmark testing. We also provide no-cost evaluations of our products on customer-supplied textiles.

What industries does Bolger & O’Hearn serve?

The primary industries are woven textiles, non-woven textiles and paper goods. Within and outside of these product groups are garment dyers, medical textiles, specialty coatings and adhesives.

What volumes of textile chemicals is Bolger & O’Hearn capable of manufacturing?

Most of our chemical products are packed out in bulk containers such as 55 gal drums and 250 gal totes. We can also supply products in 1 gal and 5 gal pail quantities.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn have any manufacturing certifications?

Yes. We are a Bluesign partner.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn participate in any public awareness campaigns regarding textile chemicals?

Yes. We provide content to the “Reduce Your Fluorocarbon Footprint” campaign. Our R&D efforts and product offerings in the water repellent area focus on providing clothing brands with alternatives to high fluorochemical–content repellents.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn provide on-site field technical support for your textile products?

Yes. We have a knowledgeable and experienced technical sales team backed by R&D professionals to provide support for mill trials and product laboratory evaluations.

Does Bolger & O’Hearn manufacture finished textiles?

No, we provide the finishing chemicals for fabric manufacturers.