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We’re crafting sustainable solutions

In the future, industries around the globe will be required to use verifiably
sustainable chemistries in all of their manufacturing processes and products.
Although still on the horizon, we’re not waiting.

Leading the way

In the last few years we have developed and introduced several new, sustainable chemistries to the textile industry, including a technology platform that includes acrylic latexes, crosslinkers, fluorescent pigments, permanent crease resins, and cationic pre-fixes that are all formaldehyde free. In addition, we have developed the highest-performing fluorine-free water repellent in the market.

In 2014 we achieved bluesign® system partner status. This achievement is recognized globally by the most progressive textile mills and apparel brands, including Nike, Adidas, Primaloft, Polartec, W.L. Gore & Associates, Columbia, Helly Hanson and Patagonia.

That was a major achievement, but we are not done yet!

The ability to develop market-leading performance chemistries in a sustainable manner isn’t easy. It takes dedication, know-how, and a belief in the greater good.

Extreme weather events are constantly in the news and consumers are realizing the choices they make have an impact on the world. Companies that can deliver innovative products in a sustainable manner will increasingly be rewarded.

The Bolger & O’Hearn
Innovation Lab

And we can help you. We have the team, the equipment, the expertise and a track record developing highly-effective, sustainable chemistries to help your company move successfully into this new future.

Our staff is experienced in traditional textile processing, dyeing and finishing technologies. In addition, we have extensive applied material science spanning chemistry, physics, engineering, and particularly in polymer science, and we’re applying that know-how to developing sustainable alternatives to less- preferable chemistries. Learn more here.

We Are Accountable

With the 2018 collaboration between bluesign® and ZDHC, several of the chemistries developed by Bolger & O’Hearn are also now listed on the official ZDHC list of approved textile industry chemistries.

bluesign® System Partners

The bluesign® system partners have to go through rigorous tests in order to verify compliance with the bluesign® criteria. We are committed to meet contemporary ecological requirements.


ZDHC is a global sustainability leader at the forefront of effectively phasing out hazardous substances from the supply chains serving the textile, apparel, leather and footwear industries. The guidance documents and tools of ZDHC, such as the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (ZDHC MRSL), the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and the ZDHC Gateway platform have become a major industry reference for holistic sustainable chemical management.

We care about sustainability
and here’s what we’re doing:

Bolger & O’Hearn is on a continuous path to improve our environmental footprint and help our customers reduce their environmental impact on the global community. We recognize that we impact our industry and the people we serve, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Over the past decade, we’ve made a number of environmental enhancements to our production methods, plus have increasingly helped customers develop sustainable, yet highly effective, replacements for old chemistries.

In 2016 at our own production facility, we demonstrated our commitment to sustainable solutions by investing in a renewable solar energy project that now makes almost 50 percent of our energy from the sun! This saves an estimated 135,000 pounds of CO 2 emissions yearly. This is a remarkable achievement by any measure, but we haven’t stopped there.


Bolger and O’Hearn introduces a new planet-friendly, durable water repellent

In the world of performance attire, durable water repellency is often a major requirement. Increasingly, so is sustainability, but blending the two into a product that works over time has been a continuing challenge for the industry. Now Bolger & O’Hearn Inc., one of the industry’s most respected developers of textile chemistries, has has introduced an advanced PFC free water repellent finish that is both environmentally-friendly and long lasting.

Called Altopel F3, Bolger & O’Hearn’s new finish is the leading fluorine-free water repellent on the market and a game changer in the world of environmentally-friendly, durable water repellent (DWR) finishes. F3, in fact, stands for ‘Flourine-Free Finish.’

Although attempts have been made by others to develop effective fluorine-free DWR’s, many to date have lost durability after a handful of washings. Altopel F3, on the other hand, has been proven to last through 50-plus washes when applied to 100 percent nylon or 100 percent polyester and has a 20 to 30 wash performance on cotton. When applied correctly to a substrate, Altopel F3 also does not impact hand or air permeability.

Several major performance brands have started using Altopel F3 with great success. Polartec, as just one example, is using Altopel F3.