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Your Competitive Advantage

In our complex, increasingly competitive world, keeping up with market demand can be daunting unless you’re working with the right support.

And that’s where we come in

Bolger & O’Hearn offers distinct competitive advantages to our partners in a number of critical ways.

We have a 40-year history developing next-generation chemistries for the industries we serve. Although we offer the know-how and capabilities of a large chemical manufacturer, we’re privately held and skilled at working in close partnership with our customers. Our R&D team is set up to help you develop the customized, sustainable, performance-driven solutions you’ll need to stay ahead of the pack.

The B&O Innovation Lab

We pride ourselves on our nimble approach to developing customized solutions – most of which the industries we serve never hear about. When required, we work quietly helping our customers deliver market-leading solutions for the paper, nonwovens and textile industries. Sure, we can shout about our accomplishments. But working under the radar is often what’s needed.

With us, you can collaborate, start off small, run proof-of-concepts, test and adjust and then commercialize globally when it’s the right move.

Our Innovation Lab is set up with the technology, staff and expertise to deliver market-leading, high-performance solutions.

Demand for Sustainable Solutions

We’re also taking a lead developing sustainable chemistries for the textile and related industries. In 2014 we earned certification as a bluesign® system partner. Today, several of our products are bluesign® certified and comply with global ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) standards.

Becoming a bluesign® system partner was neither easy nor simple. bluesign® compliance involves a comprehensive set of production control systems designed to limit the human health and environmental impacts of textile manufacturing, and the bluesign® implementation certification process is lengthy, comprehensive and stringent.

Sustainably High Performance Solutions

At Bolger & O’Hearn, we continuously seek to meet our customers’ needs with the most ecologically sound and technologically advanced chemical products. In recent years we have developed two high-performing durable water repellent (DWR) finishes that also have positive sustainability profiles.

Altopel F3 is the leading fluorine-free durable water repellent in the market and is used to provide repellency to a variety of textiles. OmniBloq™ is another world-class DWR. It’s not only PFOA-free but has set a new global standard for water repellence. We view OmniBloq™ as an enabling technology for reducing material and energy waste in outdoor apparel manufacturing.

In addition to integrating bluesign® standards into our environmental management system, we’ve put our concern about the environment into action at our own North American plant. In 2016, we installed a solar field that generates 50% of the energy used in our offices and manufacturing facilities. Whether in our own plant or on behalf of our customers, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

A Comprehensive Perspective

We intimately understand all phases of textile processing, from preparation to finish, and know how each process and auxiliary chemical can affect the next process and the overall outcome of the finished fabric. We are routinely involved in projects that require a deep knowledge of printing, coating, dyeing, and finishing.

And we understand that your products need to be both compliant and higher-performing than the competition.