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Shell-Tech Free: The latest generation in ultra-durable, fluorine-free water repellence

Bolger and O’Hearn is proud to introduce Shell-Tech Free, an advanced fluorine-free durable water repellent that provides the same repellency and wash durability as a quality C-6, but with significantly less environmental impact.

Market Leading Value

By offering a combination of eco-friendly chemistry and high performance, F3 is the effective, friendly solution for water repellency.

Altopel F³ is an advanced Fluorine-Free Finish. Textiles treated with F³ exhibit a high degree of durable water repellency. Using environmentally friendly chemistry, F³ provides a green alternative without sacrificing performance. This fluorocarbon-free aqueous products based on an hydrophobe-fortified polymer and propriety additives that provide a high level of durable repellency. Altopel F³ products use a novel crosslinking system for promoting excellent laundering durability on a variety of fiber types and constructions. Government and industry regulations, along with a growing market segment of environmentally aware consumers are demanding green technologies.

Altopel F³ is a BlueSign approved product!

OmniBloq is the Powerful New DWR that Shields You from the Storm.

Breathable, lightweight, and stormproof—repelling the elements without bulky membranes, OmniBloq is in a class all by itself. OmniBloq is highly engineered protection and comfort for:


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